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We are a global community building the largest artwork in the world and for the world.

Together with partners from around the world, we are building technology art sculptures - called Portals - that connect to identical sculptures in different locations all over the planet. Showing an unfiltered 24/7 livestream, our mission is to connect people above borders and to help unite humanity.

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In 2021, the first link of the network started to connect the cities of Vilnius, Lithuania and Lublin, Poland. Having received overwhelming support from around the world, we are now expanding the network.

Soon, the Portal Unity Network will start issuing a limited number of NFT based certificates that will turn all holders into a community of co-owners. All together we will finance and govern the expansion of this first of its kind artwork in a decentralized and transparent way.

Together we will bring Portals to dozens of countries on Earth making the portal network the largest artwork in the world and for the world.

As humans, we all share more than what separates us. After centuries of dividing ourselves into “us” and “them” – let‘s transcend this false sense of separation and be the pioneers of a united planet.

Latest Portal Unity Network news

The largest artwork in the world, enabled by web3

On July 12th 2022, Portal Unity Network announces to build a global community of co-owners and co-creators. Together, we will bring Portals to dozens of countries on Earth.

A Bridge to Unity Connects Two Countries

On May 26th 2021, Lithuania's capital, Vilnius, and Lublin in Poland become the first two cities to connect through the Portal Unity Network.

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