The largest artwork in the world, enabled by web3

Vilnius, Lithuania - July 12th 2022. Today, Portal Unity Network, a global non-profit initiative, announces the beginning of a campaign to build the largest artwork in the world. The Portal Unity Network consists of technology art sculptures, called Portals, that are placed in countries around the world. Each Portal is freely accessible to the public, offering a livestream 24/7 365 days a year that is rotating between different Portal locations on Earth. The artwork is an invitation to transcend polarisation and to experience our world as it is: united and one. 

The first link of the Portal network (Lithuania – Poland) launched in 2021 and received wide recognition on news outlets around the world, including BBC, The Verge, National Geographic and many others. Since then, the project has reached an audience of more than 1.5 billion people, making it one of the most viral stories out of Europe last year. 

This overwhelming positive resonance, which includes more than 200 cities that have expressed interest in adopting a Portal, shows that we - as a global society - are ready to meet above borders and undertake important global challenges together. It also proves that the mission of the Portal Unity Network is widely understood and supported.

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Speaking about its purpose, Benediktas Gylys, initiator and founder of the Portal project, notes that: “In a world of increasingly polarising narratives, it is important to remember that we are all inseparably connected through our journey on this tiny beautiful spaceship called Earth. Portals are meant as an invitation to rise above disagreements and experience unity. Moving forward, we are going to build a web3-based community that will make this experience accessible to billions of people.” 

To drive the expansion of the Portal project, the team has chosen an NFT-based ownership and governance model. “The largest global artwork can not be created with a mindset driven by locality biases, hunger for influence and 20th century methodics” Gylys points out. “A decentralised global mind is a must for the artwork to reach its full potential.” 

Wide recognition of the Portal Unity Network as the largest artwork in the world is also meant to illustrate the dawn of a new digital age and help accelerate global web3 awareness, adoption and education. While Portals will initially be placed in the physical world, the team is exploring partnerships with leading web3 projects to bring Portals into virtual worlds as well, thus creating a public gateway to the metaverse.   

The NFT-auction of the project is scheduled for Q3 2022 and will enable people from around the world to become co-owners and co-creators of the Portal Unity Network. Each NFT will serve as an ownership certificate that will grant governance rights and access to a dedicated community space. While the broader community of the project includes various stakeholders (such as city officials, ambassadors and other partners), NFT-ownership will be required to access the inner layers of the community and its decision-making mechanisms that will be developed over time. 


Portal Unity Network is a global artwork initially conceived and realised by the Benediktas Gylys Foundation. After going viral on news outlets around the world, the project is now entering its next phase with the goal of building a global community of co-owners to govern the expansion of this first of its kind artwork. To this end, the team is issuing a limited number of NFT-based ownership certificates that will be auctioned in Q3 2022.




About Portal Unity Network

A global community building the largest artwork in the world and the world.

With the support of cities and partners around the world, we are building technology art sculptures - called Portals - that connect to identical sculptures at different locations all over the planet. Showing an unfiltered 24/7 livestream, our mission is to connect people above borders and to help unite humanity.

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